Successful Girl

A young girl with passion for art- that’s me! I have always loved art and with years of practice, it has improved greatly. My business started one day when I was bored at home with nothing to do.Searching for an outlet for my energy, I thought of an idea of making stickers. Finding interest and having the materials, I soon made my first sticker.

It was a pretty sticker (I thought to myself) and only way to find out if I was right was to try to see if I could sell it. I offered it for sale to my friends at school and told them that I can do custom designed stickers as well. My friends liked what they saw and bought from me. And so my business was born.

I slowly started offering more options like glitter, matte or glossy finish, lamination, border etc. And then Coronavirus hit and the schools closed. Now I had no way of pursuing my passion and making money for encouragement.

Since I had nowhere to be but at home with Shelter in Place orders by the city, I had lot of free time on my hands. I said to myself limits only exist in your mind – expand your thinking. I remembered a quote from Thomas A. Edison

There is a way to do it better – find it.

Thomas A. Edison

I had a choice to either surrender to my circumstances or to have growth mindset and expand it. I looked at the trees in our backyard and thought they were once a small seed. To grow, it needed to be covered with dirt and be in darkness. Very bad circumstances to be in. But did the seed give up? It had to struggle to reach light and have a life. With that I thought of expanding my business online.

I talked to my parents about this and they agreed to help me with my website. They also made me recognize what else I was good at and I could offer for sale. My parents have always been supportive of me. They have been a huge inspiration and motivation in my life and I am really thankful to them for what they have helped me achieve. My friends are a big motivators too. I hope my business becomes really popular soon and that I learn a lot from this process.

PS: For legal reasons since I am a minor, this whole project is managed by ZenOps Digital LLC.


April 14, 2020