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How to Create a Positive Environment at Home

Having a positive environment is crucial in order to achieve your goals and feel happy. This is because researchers have found that we make decisions based on our immediate environment. The main reason for this is default decision making. Default decision making means that we tend to chose the easiest option available to us. This means if you have a positive environment designed to help you make the right decisions and stay happy, that most likely what you are going to do. A positive environment can also keep you focused, increase productivity and lots more. Since we are stuck at home, now it’s more important than ever to make sure that we have a positive home environment so we can stay productive and happy in the middle of this pandemic. Here are 7 tips to help you create a positive environment at home, fast.

1. Clean out your area
I know this tip is pretty obvious and hard to complete but it’s also extremely important. Sometimes, it’s hard to realize how much clutter you’ve accumulated until you have to get rid of it. If you have a hard time getting rid of something ask yourself why you have that item. An answer like “I might need it later”, generally means that you don;t need it. To figure out for sure, ask yourself what you might need it for. If you can’t think of answer, you probably don’t need it so throw it away.

clean room inspo

2. Change the colors in your room
Colors can affect your mood a lot more than you think. This is because colors can be linked to particular emotions. It’s important that you use this to it’s full advantage. You can do this by using colors that provoke the emotions that you would like to feel more often. For example, dark and neutral colors tend to make you feel sad and tired. Brighter colors tend to make you feel more happy and energetic. Another important thing to remember about choosing your colors are your decorations. Not only can your decorations change the appearance of your house, they could also significantly impact your mood. Try to chose accessories that you like, match with your hose and match with each other. Pay attention to their color as well.

color scheme
color swatches
color swatches

3. Add plants
Plants are also great decorations that go with lots of themes and colors. They can also brighten up a room and enhance its beauty. Plants can help to calm your mind, energize you and refresh the air in a room when kept inside. Nature and greenery are also very healing for your eyes so if you have glasses or want to prevent yourself from getting glasses, this could be very helpful for you. If you’ve never taken care of plants before, I recommend you start with fake plants. Then move on to real plants once your sure you can take care of them. Fake plants might not give all the benefits of real plants but this ensures that you don’t kill the plants when you get them.

positive environment plants
positive environment plant
positive environment plant

4. Let in a lot of sunlight
Sunlight is really important in order to have a positive environment as well as a positive attitude. Natural lighting will also reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any house. Sunlight stimulates appetite and improves digestion. Make you open your blinds/ curtains for at least an hour or 2 everyday. Also make sure to spend at least 15-20 minutes in the sun everyday. This keeps your skin, eyes and immune system healthy along with boosting your positivity. If you are prone to sunburns, make sure to put on sunscreen.

positive environment sunlight

5. Open your windows
This tip is commonly overlooked but can still make a huge difference. Opening your windows can let sunlight in (see previous tip), increase air circulation and quality and much more. Once again, your windows don’t have to be open all day, just a few hours can make a huge difference in your day. If you have small or few windows, you could try incorporating reflective surfaces in your house. This allows sunlight to reflect off of those surfaces and increase the amount of natural light in your house.

positive environment opening window ritual

6. Use an air freshener
This tip is very simple and yields great results. All you have to do is use some kind of air freshener in your house and you will begin to feel a lot better. Part of the reason this helps is because this engages multiple of your senses. This si important when creating a positive environment. This also causes you to associate positive emotions with your environment. If nothing else, it’s welcoming to say the least!

7. Put up happy quotes, reminders and photos
This tip is one of my personal favorites. Putting up happy reminders and memories, etc helps to remind you of positivity and stay focused. As mentioned in the previous tip, this also causes you to associate positive and happy emotions with your environment. Once you create positive associations with a place or thing , you tend to feel happier around it. A simple and effective way to incorporate this tip in your life is to put up a dream board.

There was 7 tips on how to create a positive environment. Thank you for your time! Make sure to comment any suggestions, share this post and come back for more!

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How to Improve Your Handwriting

I know this might be a bit ironic since this is typed but in real life my handwriting is actually pretty good. Aside from that, your handwriting is very important and bad handwriting can ruin impressions, get bad grades and more. So here are 8 tips on how to improve your handwriting fast. Handwriting and organization also go hand in hand. Improving you handwriting can greatly improve your organization and producivity.

  1. Chose the font you like best
    Many times with handwriting (or even typing), your writing can look messy if the wrong font is used. There are many fonts including cursive, all caps and calligraphy (and many more!) but generally, the easiest to read and write are the pointed and round font. The round font is a bit easier to write and the pointed font looks a bit more dressy but its up to you in the end.
handwriting inspo
handwriting inspo

2. Keep your handwriting straight
Your handwriting can be really neat but still look extremely messy if your sentences go up and down on the paper. A good way to help with that is to use lined paper instead of printer paper. Even so, you can still end up having wavy sentences on lined paper, so a good way to avoid that is to decide whether you like writing in the top bottom or middle of the line and keeping that consistent.

3. Keep the size consistent
Its going to look very disorganized if all of your letters/words are different sizes. So if your handwriting is mostly big, try to make all of your letters big and if your handwriting is mainly small or medium then try to keep it all small/medium. Another thing to keep in mind is what type of lined paper you use. I use college ruled so large handwriting for me might be different for large handwriting for people who use wide ruled paper. In the end, its what you prefer that matters.

4. Decide on your slant
Fixing the slant of your letters can make a huge difference in your handwriting. Decide whether you like a left slant right slant or no slant and keep it consistent (I don’t have a slant). One thing to keep in mind is that even though generally no slant looks neater and a very big slant looks messier, some fonts look better with a slant and a slant can dress up your handwriting a bit.

5. Line Spacing
This is extremely important for making your handwriting look neater. You not only have to keep the spacing between your letters consistent, you also have to keep the spacing between your words consistent. Wider spacing tends to looks “cuter” while smaller spacing is more dressy. Think about how your spacing goes with the font you chose and experiment until you find a combination you like.

6. Your grip
Your grip can also have a huge impact on your handwriting. Usually teachers tell you to use the most popular grip (picture shown below) but that’s only because it tend to give people better handwriting. Of course that’s not always true. You should experiment with different grips and see which one works for you.

popular grip

7. Find the pens/pencils that you like best
Different pens are used for different purposes but the preferences are entirely personal. I like gel pens and mechanical pencils but I recommend you experiment with it and see which one works best for you. You can also consider getting one of the grips that slide onto your pencil if that helps you. Sometimes, it might be a good idea to get multiple pens and switch it up so you don’t get bored. Just make sure your pens help you with your handwriting and organization!

pens inspo
pens inspo

8. Practice makes perfect
I know you’re probably really tired of hearing this but it’s true. You don’t necessarily have to set aside time to practice, it can be as simple as writing more instead of typing. Practice can also help improve your writing speed and fix the imperfections you still have in your handwriting.

So there you have it! That’s 8 tips on how to improve your handwriting. If you need inspiration, a great place to find it is from talking to other s with good handwriting. This tip is mentioned with many more on the topic of inspiration in my previous blog post. Another great place to start is finding inspiration online. You can personalize your handwriting from there. Do keep in mind that consistency is important and practice is key! I hope this helped and make sure to come back for more. Have a great day! (or night).

handwriting inspo
handwriting inspo
handwriting inspo
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Inspiration and Ideas


Every artist needs inspiration and ideas! The word inspiration has Latin roots which means to ‘breathe or blow into’. I take it to mean the breath of life we give to our ideas (which are our thoughts) when we create something tangible. Inspiration is really important but sometimes hard to find. So here are my 10 tips on where to get inspiration for your art. Lets go!

10. Travel
This idea is a bit more expensive but it’s worth it as well! While traveling, you get to spend quality time with you friends and family, let loose, and get a lot of inspiration and ideas in the process! Travel to new places that you have always wanted to go and see how well it can get your creative juices flowing! You should also chose places that inspire you and with similar aesthetics to you. Bring the friends and family that are supportive and inspirational with you as well!

Travel inspo pic
travel inspo pic
travel inspo pic

9. Check out social media
You can get lots of inspiration and ideas for many aspects of your life just by looking at images on Pinterest or scrolling through Instagram. Although for this to work, you need to block out all of the distractions found on these apps. One way you can do this is by creating a separate account which you only use for finding inspiration and use that account when necessary. You can do this by only looking at inspiration related posts from that account and other posts from you main account. This idea can be used for many other topics, not just inspiration.

8. Look at art similar to yours and talk to the artists
Sometimes, all you need is some social interaction or a fresh new perspective to get ideas flowing in. Even the people with the most ideas and inspiration get stuck sometimes so you could ask them how they get rid of there block as well. Talk to someone who has similar style to you and see what they think. Not only can you get new ideas from this you can get constructive criticism for your art as well!

7. Try something new
Sometimes, all it takes for some inspiration and ideas to start pouring in is some changes. Try doing a new type of art, moving to a different table or getting some new art supplies. Sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference! Try something fresh and see how many new ideas you’ll get!

6. Music
Not only will music boost your creativity and give you inspiration, it can boost your mood and help with your focus as well. You can correspond the genre of the music that you listen to with you activity you are doing while you listen to that music or just play your favorite playlist while you create. If you listen to music often, it might also be a good idea to clean out or edit your playlist to make it more current.

music inspo pic

5. Family
After being around your family for so long, you would probably know them very well. You could base your art off some of their interests, personality, or just make something for them that you think they will like.You could ask them for ideas as well. Sometimes, they might recommend something you’ve never tried before. This allows you to try new things, have fun and bring a fresh new perspective into your art.

4. Friends
You would probably also know your friends very well! You could ask your friends for ideas or do some art with them for fun. Another idea is try doing something like an interview with them. You could ask them questions about themselves, such as what there hobbies are or what there favorite color is and use that information to create something that represents them.

3. Books and videos
Good places to get ideas from are books and videos. These will give ideas that you would want to spin off or modify a bit in your art or just copy off for practice. Try to find books with a lot of pictures or more visual videos if you are a visual learner or you can use podcasts if you are and auditory learner. In other words, try to use these tools to your advantage and customize them to your personal needs.

2. Nature
Nature has a lot of interesting views, objects and patterns you can use for inspiration. Take a walk or go to the park and I am sure you will get some ideas. While you are out, Try to just enjoy the outdoors without going on social media or checking your messages. Challenge yourself to see how long you can last without going on your phone and focus on the wonders of nature.

nature inspo pic
nature inspo pic
nature inspo pic

1.Your Passions
You would know your passions best of all. These are the things you put the most energy into and would probably get the best ideas from. Think of what you love to do and how you can channel that positivity and passion into creating something beautiful. A good way to do this is to ask yourself, what would I do for hours without caring or even noticing how much time had gone by. Another good one is what doesn’t feel like work to me. Once you figure out the answer, it’ll be a lot easier to get inspiration and ideas based on what you love.

I hope this helped you with your ideas and inspiration. Another really helpful thing to do is try some exercises to help get your brain thinking in the right direction. Not only can these help with your inspiration block, they can be very calming too. One of my personal favorites in free styling. In order to do this, you have to focus on freely expressing yourself in what your doing. You can do this through any form, whether it is writing, abstract art, realism or anything else, the important thing is that you are focused on expressing yourself. Thank you for your time! Be sure to share your ideas below in comments on how you find inspiration. Also remember to check my blog regularly for more tips and entertainment.