Logo Design

Logo is more than your name in pretty fonts, it needs to relate to your brand identity. Your brand identity is affected by the presentation and psychology of color, shape and fonts. Logo influences people’s impressions of your company.

Whenever you create content for your brand, it is important to consider who the content is for. Think of the kinds of solutions your target customer will be seeking and what are their expectations. Is it a good idea for the banks to use decorative fonts? Probably not. Instead people expect classic fonts that convey a sense of efficiency and trustworthiness.

Serif fonts are often perceived as traditional and respectable. They can be used to evoke a sense of nostalgia, authority, and stability. Sans Serif can convey confidence, boldness and be attention grabbing. The shape of the letters, the font’s weight and the spacing give it personality.

All Logos have a shape. It could be geometric, abstract/symbolic or organic. Usually it is a combination of two types.

AestheticCrafts logo design services

Geometric shapes look man-made mathematically precise squares, circles or triangles that don’t appear in nature.

AestheticCrafts logo design services

Abstract or Symbolic shapes are simplified shapes that are not accurate depiction of visual reality.

AestheticCrafts logo design services

Organic shapes include shapes occurring in nature such as rocks, leaves, water ripples etc.

Lines divide space, creating definition and form. They can also communicate direction. Thin lines convey delicacy, flexibility and thick bold lines convey strength and rigidity. Lines can also be used to draw focus and create emphasis.

Colors contribute the strongest emotional trigger in most logo designs. The effects of color on each person can be highly subjective and deeply personal. Anticipating your customer’s reaction to a color and its relationship to your brand is very important.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci

Font, shapes, lines and colors are the building blocks of a great logo. Composition of these elements impacts how the logo is perceived and the message it sends. Most of the time, simple is new bold.

At the end, the most important essential aspect of a good logo is not it’s feel, but rather it’s readability.


For an affordable logo, please choose from standard designs found here.

If you want customized logo design, please contact via e-mail. Fees start from $100 and up depending upon the complexity and time spent. At the end if you do not like the design, you do not owe any fees except the $100 initiation charge.