Street Lamp and Sunset Photo


An aesthetic photo of a street lamp taken during a beautiful sunset. The sunset and streetlamp are framed by trees to help them pop.

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An aesthetic photo of a street lamp taken during a beautiful sunset.

This image features an individual street light framed by trees, taken during a beautiful sunset. The focus of this photo is the light at the top of the street lamp. This is located around the top right corner of the photograph. This photograph displays an excellent use of framing. By angling the camera so that the trees frame the streetlight, you can achieve this effect. The colors displayed in this photograph are also very important.

One of the most important features of this photo is the use of framing represented. This was used for two different parts of the photo, the street lamp and the sunset. The street lamp was framed by being in the middle of the photo and being between the two trees. The two trees also help to frame the sunset in the background.

Another important feature is the choice of colors. The colors were used to compliment each other and make the photo as a whole beautiful. These colors also made the photo vibrant and attractive. The main color used is purple. This contrasts the red near the bottom right edge of the photo, causing it to bring attention to the red and add diversity to the photo.

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